Important schedules for wellbeing service counties

Important schedules for wellbeing service counties

This page contains important dates for information management in healthcare and social welfare for the wellbeing service counties.

The wellbeing service counties created in the health and social services reform will start to operate on 1 January 2023.

1 November 2021: The Client Data Act entered into force

  • Consent to data sharing
  • Common provision of Kanta information
  • Consent no longer required to view prescription information
  • Municipal social welfare services’ various registers merged into a single social welfare client register.

More information about the effects of the Client Data Act on the Kanta Services

1 January 2023: The wellbeing service counties began operations

  • Access to client data will be easier once different service providers’ registers have been merged with the wellbeing service county’s sector-specific registers
  • Any client denials of consent to data sharing will not take effect within a single register of a wellbeing service county
  • The hospital districts’ joint register has ceased to exist and the obligation to provide information about the joint register has been removed
  • In Uusimaa, data will continue to be shared on the basis of a temporary right of access to information
  • Citizens are to be issued new information about the Kanta Services
  • The disclosure of social welfare client data via the Kanta Services is possible within the social welfare sector.

1 January 2024: Changes to the sharing of client data between wellbeing service counties, the private sector and the different registers

  • Clients may set comprehensive sector-specific (healthcare or social welfare services) denials of consent to data sharing (excluding prescription data) 
  • Applying the denial to a private occupational health care provider’s register

The transition periods below may change due to the new Client Data Act (Government proposal 246/2022). Read more Transition periods and phasing of the Client Data Act

  • Consent in the Kanta Services to sharing of information between social welfare and healthcare sectors
  • Disclosure of wellbeing information to social welfare and healthcare professionals based on consent given by the client.

1 September 2024: Social welfare service providers are obligated to join the Kanta Services

  • This also applies to private providers of public-sector social welfare services. 

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Last updated 24.1.2023