The Prescription service is part of the nationwide Kanta services. It is used to store and manage information about prescriptions and the dispensing of medication.

Whenever a social or health care provider or pharmacy begins to prescribe or dispense prescriptions, it must deploy the Prescription service. 

The professional stores all electronic prescriptions and associated dispensing notes in the Prescription Centre of the Kanta services. Information in the Prescription Centre is accessed through patient information or pharmacy systems.

Storing the information in one place improves both the continuity of care and the flow of information between the patient and care providers. 

The Prescription service can be used by the following service providers:

  • social and health care providers
  • pharmacists.
  • hospital pharmacies.

The deployment process of the Prescription service progresses in phases. Learn more about the deployment of the Prescription Service.

Prescription services and functionalities 

The Pharmaceutical Database

Prescription data must be based on current information in the Pharmaceutical Database maintained by the Kanta services. The Pharmaceutical Database contains up-to-date and necessary information about medicines that is required for prescribing and dispensing medication. Read more about the Pharmaceutical Database

Hospital pharmacy prescriptions and Kanta medication list

In addition to the harmonised information about medicines provided by the Pharmaceutical Database, electronic hospital pharmacy prescriptions and Kanta medication list also improve patient and medication safety. Read more about hospital pharmacy prescriptions and Kanta medication list.


If you are a doctor or dentist and you write a prescription for private use and on a not-for-profit basis, you do not need to use the Prescription service. Private prescriptions can be issued using Kelain. Learn more about Kelain.

Kanta instructions and support for customers of the Prescription service

Professionals using the Prescription service must follow harmonised national prescription operating models and guidelines. This enables, among other things, the use of patient data beyond organisational boundaries. Learn more about the operating models and guidelines.

We provide advice and support at different stages of the patient relationship, as well as in the event of changes and disruption. Learn more about customer relations and support.

Last updated 14.6.2024