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Ohjeita ja tietoa Kanta-palveluista ja Omakanta-verkkopalvelussa asioinnista.



If you are experiencing symptoms similar to a common cold, you should stay at home. If the symptoms worsen or you require medical care, contact a healthcare provider by telephone. You can help to prevent the spread of the coronavirus by avoiding contact with other people, working from home and washing your hands carefully.


Data in Kanta

With the Kanta Services, the patient’s information is always up-to-date and available in a treatment situation. You can browse this data yourself in My Kanta pages. Kanta is beneficial to you even if you don't use information technology yourself. Smooth flow of information in the healthcare services enables better standard of treatment.


My Kanta pages

All your health records and electronic prescriptions in one place. My Kanta Pages is a citizens’ own online service where you can browse your own health records and your medication recorded by healthcare services.


Acting on behalf of someone else

Voit asioida toisen henkilön, esimerkiksi lapsen tai iäkkään, puolesta terveydenhuollossa ja apteekeissa eri tavoin. Saat tarvittaessa lisätietoja puolesta asioinnista terveydenhuollon yksiköstä tai apteekista.



Be sure to take medicine prescriptions with you when travelling. You can present them at Customs to prove that you have the right to bring along your personal medication. When travelling abroad, keep the medicines in their original packaging and pack them in the hand luggage.