Prescriptions and medicines

Prescriptions and medicines

All prescriptions are issued electronically. You can view your own prescription data in MyKanta. You can collect your medication from any pharmacy in Finland.

The person prescribing the medicine will record the prescriptions they issue in Kanta. When you visit the pharmacy, the dispensing notes made for the prescription are also recorded in Kanta.

You can see your own prescription data in MyKanta.

In MyKanta, you can

  • see which prescriptions have been prescribed to you
  • check to see when your prescriptions expire
  • check how much medicine is left to dispense in your prescriptions
  • submit a renewal request for your prescription.

Read more about MyKanta.

Renewing prescriptions

Prescriptions that are valid for two years can be renewed for 28 months from the prescription date. Prescriptions that are valid for one year can be renewed for 16 months.

You can request a prescription renewal

Using pharmacy services

The doctor will provide you with patient instructions at your appointment. The instructions contain information about the medicine and dosage instructions. It is advisable to bring the patient instructions to the pharmacy, as this will speed up the transaction. If you do not have the patient instructions, you can also receive your medication by showing your Kela card, for example.

You can purchase your prescription medications at any pharmacy.

Purchasing medication with a foreign prescription

You can purchase your prescribed medicine at any pharmacy in Finland. It is possible to purchase prescription medicines using a paper prescription or European ePrescription. In Finland, it is currently possible to use an electronic prescription from a few countries.

Managing prescriptions on behalf of another person

If someone else collects your medication from a pharmacy, they must present the printed patient instructions for your prescription or your Kela card. You can also authorise the person on to use pharmacy services on your behalf.

If this person manages other prescription matters on your behalf, they will need an electronic pharmacy authorisation or written authorisation to do so.

Take prescriptions and medication with you when you travel

When travelling abroad, be sure to take documentation about your medication with you. If required, you can use the documentation to demonstrate that you have the right to carry personal medication with you. Always carry your medication in its original packaging and pack it in your carry-on luggage.

Purchasing prescription medication abroad

You can purchase your prescription medicines with a Finnish electronic prescription in a few European countries. In other countries, you will need a paper prescription.

When you visit a pharmacy in another European country, you must provide proof of identity, either by showing your passport or identification card.

If you purchase medicines to treat your illness abroad, you can apply for a reimbursement for medicine expenses from Kela afterwards.

Using pharmacy services when there is disruption in Kanta

If there is disruption in the Kanta Services and you still have medicine left, you are advised to wait and visit the pharmacy later on. If you need the medicine immediately, the pharmacy has instructions on what to do in the event of disruption.
Bring the patient instructions for the prescription you received from your doctor, the summary printed from MyKanta or the previous medicine package containing the dose instructions labels to the pharmacy.

Use of your prescription data in social welfare and health care services and at pharmacies

Last updated 21.5.2024