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Instructions for professionals

Instructions and information on the Kanta Services and MyKanta for healthcare and social welfare professionals.

Acting on behalf of someone else

Acting on behalf of someone else means acting on behalf of another person or company. In order to act on behalf of someone else, the person needs to have custody, authorisation or a decision on guardianship.

Guidance on the use of MyKanta

In order to provide guidance in the use of MyKanta, it is advisable that social welfare and healthcare professionals know which information can be viewed by visitors to the service.

Coronainformation for professionals

Digital COVID Certificate consists of three different certificates: the vaccination certificate, the test certificate and the certificate of recovery. This page contains information on what to do if a client cannot see the COVID certificate in MyKanta.

Sharing of data

With the help of Kanta, the data generated in social welfare and health care as well as in pharmacies is available to different service providers. The client must be informed about how the data stored about them will be used.

Monitoring of data processing

The processing and transfer of data stored in the Kanta Services is monitored through log entries. Healthcare and social welfare service providers, pharmacies and Kela each monitor data processing for their own part.

Denial of consent to contact based on research findings

A person may prohibit health care providers from contacting them if secondary use of their data results in a significant finding.