Readiness for deployment

Readiness for deployment

The service provider joining the Kanta Services must be using a certified client or patient data system and a technical connection for using the Kanta Services. Furthermore, the data of the joining organisation must be kept up-to-date in the registers of the National Code Service.

The use of the Kanta Services requires a certified patient or client data system that meets the Kanta requirements. In addition, all organisations joining the Kanta Services have at least one technical Kanta access point, through which the information system of the joining organisation connects to the Kanta Services. 

Social welfare and healthcare service providers are connected to the Kanta Services with the aid of the register data in the National Code Service maintained by THL.  The joining organisation must ensure that the data is shown correctly in the register.

More detailed information about the readiness for deployment is available in Finnish and Swedish as the service is only available in these languages. 

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Last updated 6.9.2023