Updates in My Kanta Pages

Updates in My Kanta Pages

My Kanta pages is being developed by listening to the users. The features are improved on the basis of customer feedback, the client panel, and user surveys. My Kanta pages aims to be an easy-to-use service for everyone to access their personal data in social welfare and healthcare services.

Updates in My Kanta Pages 1 October 2020

First parents or guardians can also view the data of minors over 10 years of age in My Kanta Pages 

The healthcare services can start producing data for viewing also by the parents and guardians of minors over 10 years of age. Until now, a parent or guardian has only been able to view the data concerning a child under 10 years of age in My Kanta Pages. The new feature will become available as and when the healthcare organisations deploy the changes in their own patient data systems.

Updates in My Kanta Pages 31 August 2020

Medicines can now be obtained in Portugal on a Finnish electronic prescription

Finnish e-prescriptions can be used for buying medicines from pharmacies in those European countries that are able to dispense electronic prescriptions issued in another country. Until now, this has been possible in pharmacies in Estonia and Croatia. Now also Portugal joined the scheme. 

Updates in My Kanta Pages 28 May 2020

New European country joins the list of consents

Finnish e-prescriptions can be used for buying medicines from pharmacies in those European countries that are able to dispense electronic prescriptions issued in another country. Until now, this has been possible in pharmacies in Estonia and Croatia. Soon, Portugal will also be joining the scheme.

The prescription data can be made available to an overseas pharmacy only with the patient’s consent. The consent to using the service is given in My Kanta Pages. As from 28 May, Portugal will also be listed in the consent menu in My Kanta Pages.

Improvements in accessibility and availability

Renewal of prescriptions

The selection of the recipient of prescription renewal requests has been improved. Making a selection will no longer result in the reloading of the entire page, and after the selection the page will remain in the same section. The column heading “Remove” has been added to the list of selected prescriptions, and the detection of notices on the screen reader has been improved with accessibility techniques.

Printing of prescriptions

Information concerning which printout is acceptable for an overseas trip has been added to the information text for the printing of prescriptions. Further information about medicines and prescriptions to be brought along when travelling abroad is also available in the Abroad section.

Other changes

The icons for the opening and closing of the navigation menu in My Kanta Pages have been changed to arrows in line with the style of the Kanta Services. In addition, the shade of grey in non-active buttons has been changed to a darker contrast to distinguish it better from the background colour.

The performance of My Kanta Pages has also been improved, and other smaller changes and error fixes have been implemented.

Updates to My Kanta Pages 27 February 2020

“Medicines taken” function

The “Medicines taken” function has been added under Wellbeing data in My Kanta Pages. Information about medicines taken can be seen by persons who have signed in to My Kanta Pages, are using the wellbeing app and have given permission for it to record the medicines taken in the Kanta PHR. These kinds of applications are still in their development stage.

Improvements in accessibility

The language option has been set in the HTML code of My Kanta Pages for the purpose of screen readers. The screen reader selects the language used by the speech synthesizer on the basis of the language selection. If the definition is missing or it does not correspond to the language of the user interface and contents, the text on the website will be pronounced according to the practices of a wrong language. The change meets the accessibility criterion in section 3.1.1 Language of Page of the WCAG 2.1 web content accessibility guidelines.

The colour of text links in the service has been changed to comply with the accessibility criterion in section 1.4.3 Contrast (at least 4.5:1) in WCAG 2.1. The technical accessibility of the links has also been improved with screen readers.

Minor changes to the user interface

The user’s name has previously shown both on the header and the content pages of the service. In future, the name will show only on the front page of the service and the front page of acting on behalf of someone in addition to the header. This is in line with the other services requiring login.

In addition, the function of selecting wellbeing data and the error message of free-form text fields in the service have also been improved.

Updates to My Kanta Pages 17 December 2019

Separate sections for laboratory and imaging tests

Users of My Kanta Pages will now see the tests separated into imaging and laboratory tests. They can browse their own test results in the service through the Health Data section in left navigation. 

Users can view the results of tests carried out in the healthcare service through the Health Data menu in My Kanta Pages. Imaging tests and laboratory tests are now available to view under separate titles. The data can be browsed according to the name of the test and the time of visit.  

You can browse the tests through the list of visits shown on the Health Data page. The data on the page can be filtered with the subjects “radiology” or “laboratory”. The column through which it was previously possible to access tests related to the visit has now been removed from the table shown on the page. 

Updates to My Kanta Pages 29 August 2019

Confirming information and consent under a child's data

In a minor's records, parents and guardians are now requested to confirm the information or give their consent. It is recommended that consent to access to medical records is given to all parties involved in the child's treatment. Giving the consent is beneficial both to the child and the health service, as it facilitates and speeds up the child's treatment between different service providers.

Additional information on eye and vision care

The user will now see additional information connected with optometry in the Medical Records section, e.g. explanations for abbreviations and terms.

Usability and interface improvements

Certificates and reports are now shown in a single column and the print functions of the prescription list and medical records have been improved. Additionally, a link to the page 'Updates in My Kanta Pages' has been added on the My Kanta Pages front page.

When renewing prescriptions, the interface now permits entry of longer phone numbers (max 20 characters). Additionally, performance, accessibility and usability have been improved, and other smaller changes and corrections of errors have been made.


Updates to My Kanta, 10/12/2018

  • Persons aged 18 and over can now use My Kanta to give their consent to the disclosure of their prescription details to pharmacies in other European countries. The consent is valid indefinitely and can be revoked at any time on My Kanta.
  • Users of the wellbeing section on My Kanta can view personal plans and complete self-assessment questionnaires. Personalised content in this section is available to My Kanta users aged 16 and over who use a wellbeing app that stores plans and questionnaires in the My Kanta PHR.
  • UI improvements
    • The mobile homepage for actions that can be taken on behalf of a minor features a set of quick links.
    • Other improvements for mobile users

Updates to My Kanta, 25 October 2018

  • Functionality to display information on personal wellbeing
    • A link to information on personal wellbeing is shown in the menu for all users over age 16 but is for the moment only activated for My Kanta users who use the Virtual Hospital Health Village (“Terveyskylä”) service and who enter information into the My Kanta Pages Personal Health Record. Learn more about the My Kanta Pages Personal Health Record.
  • Changes to rules governing the release of health information
    • Health and prescription records are updated to show if they are accessed in an emergency by overriding existing consents and refusals.
    • Improved display of data collected from notifications of data release.
  • Small UI changes and improvements
    • Link added to the Swedish-language website of the Alzheimer Society of Finland.
    • The range of allowed characters is specified in organ donation testaments and living wills.

Updates in My Kanta pages 20 June 2018

  • Improvements related to the browsing of data:
    • In health data, appointments can now be searched according to the diagnosis. All the diagnoses that have been saved in the user’s data in the Kanta Services can be selected in the search function.
    • The separate Diagnoses page has been removed.
  • Other changes:
    • The service has a new look.
    • My Kanta pages is now more scalable and it also performs better on mobile devices. The development of mobile use will be continued further during the course of this year.

Updates in My Kanta Pages 22 March 2018

  • Improvements related to the browsing of data:
    • In health data, appointments can now be searched according to the subject of the patient record.
    • In health data, the time when the data related to the appointment in question has last been edited is shown on the list of appointments. This makes it easier to find the latest appointment data.

Updates in My Kanta Pages 1 February 2018 

  • Improvements related to the display and browsing of data:
    • Browsing of appointment data:
      • All appointments can now be browsed on the Medical records page and appointments can be searched according to a specified period. The page for Visits and treatment periods has been removed.
      • Appointments not involving the patient record text shown in My Kanta Pages (other events shown as blank) are no longer shown on the list of appointments as a rule. They can be viewed from a separate link on the Medical records page
    • Changes concerning declarations of intent:
      • Separate links to the page on organ donation testaments and living wills in the menu of My Kanta Pages.
      • Characters of the Sami language are allowed in the organ donation testament and living will.
      • Links to the websites of the Alzheimer Society of Finland (Muistiliitto) and Terveyskirjasto health library are available on the living will page.
    • A note has been added to the printout of the prescription list explaining that the list is not a valid proof of medication on overseas trips.
  • Other changes:
    • A link to Kela’s online service that is accessed with the same log in as My Kanta Pages has been added
    • Improvements in accessibility and usability.

Updates in My Kanta pages 29 September 2017

  • My Kanta pages will show the following certificates and statements (in addition to Medical Certificate A) after each healthcare unit starts entering them into the Kanta Services:
    • Kela certificates and statements:
      • Doctor’s Statement B (SV7), Medical Certificate D (SV10), Certificate of pregnancy or postpartum check-up (SV75), Doctor’s Statement on the need for special maternity leave (SV97), Certificate for reimbursement of travel costs (SV67)
    • Ministry of Social Affairs and Health certificates and statements:
      • Referral for observation, Statement of observation, Decision on sectioning (compulsory treatment regardless of the patient’s wishes), Decision on taking possession of property, Decision on restricting contact
  • Improvements related to viewing and browsing information:
    • Improvements and corrections have been made to the viewing of information on oral healthcare. The user can also switch more easily between visits and oral healthcare information via new links.
    • The disclosure details of medical records can be sorted in the listing according to own preference.
    • Changes to service terminology have been made on certain pages.
  • Changes to prescription renewal functions:
    • A notice is shown on the possible charge for renewal, if the user is sending a renewal request to a private operator.
    • Before sending the renewal request, the user sees a summary of the request details, after which confirmation is required before sending.
  • Changes to acting on someone’s behalf:
    • A parent or carer is able to act on behalf of a child aged under 10, even if the child’s name is not registered in the Population Information System. Previously, this was prevented if the child was over 3 months old and not yet registered by name.

Changes made to My Kanta Pages on 4 May 2017

  • Users can also view and browse their prescriptions that are more than 2.5 years old.
  • Information about the practitioner’s fee is shown on the prescriptions.
  • An option to print out prescription information in PDF format in a more concise format. A printout is not accepted for purchasing the medicine at a pharmacy.
  • The usability and accessibility of prescription renewals have been improved.
    • After entering the mobile number, it is no longer necessary to press OK.
    • The list of renewable prescriptions now has a sorting function.
  • The prescription disclosure information shows whether the data has been retrieved for the purpose of medicine reimbursement processing or as an emergency query.
  • In the health data, the latest time when the test data concerning the visit in question has been edited is shown in the section for the time of the list of tests shown. This makes it easier to find the latest test results.
  • A refusal document can be recorded only if changes have been made to the contents.
  • My Kanta Pages are now even more fault-tolerant than before. For example, if there is a technical fault in prescription retrieval, the service no longer logs the user out, but only disables the prescription functions until the user logs themselves out of the service.

Last updated 06.10.2020