Deployment of the Patient Data Repository

Deployment of the Patient Data Repository

The deployment of the Patient Data Repository is a process that progresses in phases from the management of preparatory tasks to the deployment test. The use of the Patient Data Repository can be started after a successful test.

Changes to names in the Kanta Services

The names of the following Kanta Services have been changed in May 2024:

  • Patient Data Repository -> Patient Data Repository (no change in English)
  • Client Data Archive for Social Welfare Services -> Client Data Repository for Social Welfare Services
  • The Archive of Imaging Data -> Imaging Data Repository

These changes will be updated to in stages.

The Patient Data Repository is a service where healthcare patient data is stored. Further information about the service:

Patient information system requirements

Before system deployment, the healthcare service provider must verify with their system supplier that the patient information system they use is compatible with the Kanta Services.

Deployment process

The deployment process applies to healthcare service providers who are joining the Patient Data Repository for the first time.

During the Patient Data Repository deployment process, the service provider

  1. performs pre-deployment tasks
  2. reads and understands the deployment support material
  3. undertakes administrative measures on Kanta Extranet
  4. conducts a deployment test.

If you are expanding the use of the Patient Data Repository to new functionalities or data content, read the instructions for extension of use.

More detailed instructions on the deployment of Patient Data Repository are available in Finnish and Swedish as the service is only available in these languages.

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Last updated 13.6.2024