Preparatory tasks by social welfare services

Preparatory tasks by social welfare services

For the deployment of the client data archive for social welfare services, organisations need to carry out several preparatory tasks.

The organisations make the preparations in cooperation with the information system supplier, the management of the social welfare organisation, information management, the data protection officer, document management, and professionals carrying out client work.

The organisation is supported by Kela and the National Institute for Health and Welfare THL in the preparations for deployment. Preparatory tasks are reviewed, e.g. in joint preparatory events organised during the deployment stages.

Before deployment, the organisation

  • ensures that it has the preparedness for deployment
  • studies and plans the project
  • takes stock of the current situation in document management
  • decides the extent in which the use will be started.

More detailed information on preparing for the deployments is available on the pages in Finnish and Swedish.

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Last updated 18.03.2021