Prescription service

Prescription service

The Prescription service includes the Prescription Centre, the Pharmaceutical Database and the Cross-Border Prescription service. The Prescription service can be deployed by social welfare and healthcare organisations, independent healthcare providers, pharmacies, and intermediaries of the Pharmaceutical Database.

All electronic prescriptions and their dispensing data are recorded in the Prescription Centre. The data is available to all healthcare and pharmacy professionals who need it and who are authorised to access it via the patient data and pharmacy systems they are using. Citizens can view the data in the Prescription Centre in My Kanta Pages.

The Prescription data must be based on the data in the Pharmaceutical Database. The Pharmaceutical Database contains harmonised and up-to-date information about medicines and medicinal substances for the purpose of prescribing and dispensing medicines.

The Cross-Border Prescription service enables dispensing of Finnish e-prescriptions in a European pharmacy and dispensing of European e-prescriptions in a Finnish pharmacy.

The deployment of the service requires the acceptance of the general terms of delivery of the Kanta Service, the acceptance of the service description of the Prescription service, and entering the client data in Ekstranet.

More detailed instructions on the deployment of the Prescription service are available in Finnish.

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