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Instructions for the deployment of Kanta Services.

National operating models

The national operating models of the Kanta Services guide the work of social welfare and healthcare professionals and their use of the Kanta Services.

Preparatory tasks

A sufficient amount of time and resources must be reserved for the tasks in preparation for the deployment of the Kanta Services. Further information about the tasks in preparation for deployment is available in the subpages of this page in Finnish and Swedish.

Deployment phase

The deployment of Kanta Services is possible when the organization has the technical and administrative capacity to implement the service and its operations meet the requirements of the legislation.

Extension of use

Cooperation between private and public social and health care is more effective when organizations expand the use of Kanta Services.

Kanta Services for private social welfare and healthcare

Making use of client and medical information between private and public service providers is facilitated by deploying Kanta Services.