Instructions for extension of use

Instructions for extension of use

Service providers are able to extend the use of the Kanta Services to new functionalities or data contents. As a process, the extension of use is lighter than the deployment of core services.

Healthcare or social welfare service providers or pharmacies can extend the use of Kanta Services they are already using  

  • by starting the archiving of new data contents
  • by deploying extra services or functionalities.

The extension of use requires that the service provider has already deployed one of the three core services: the Prescription service, the Patient Data Repository or the client data archive for social welfare services.

Preparations for the extension of use

The service provider plans and prepares the extension in cooperation with the system supplier. The service provider must ensure that the necessary measures will be taken into account and implemented.

System certification and information security plan

The system that the service provider uses in order to deploy a new extra service, functionality or data content must be Kanta certified. In addition, the new part to be deployed must have undergone joint testing in the system in question. Further information about the system requirements of different functionalities is available in the service-specific deployment pages.

The service provider must also take care of updating the information security plan with respect to the changes.

Notifying of changes in client data

If the extension of use effects changes in the service provider’s contact details or technical data, the service provider must notify of the changes to the Kanta Services well in advance before deployment. More detailed instructions are available in Finnish and Swedish.

Register for deployment and support for the extension of use

Kela provides a variety of support for the deployment of Kanta services.

All those expanding the use of the Social Welfare Customer Data Repository will register for deployment so that Kela can support and guide social welfare service providers during the deployment process.

Registration is voluntary for those expanding the use of the Patient Data Repository and Prescription service.

You can register for deployment at any time you deem appropriate. When registering, select which service or functionality you are deploying.

Sign up with this form if you are expanding the use of a Kanta Service to include additional services or functionalities:

Check out the deployment training recordings and attend information sessions

Those extending the use can take part in service-specific training and become familiar with the training documents.

Extension of use of the Patient Data Repository

When a service provider has deployed the Patient Data Repository, they can extend the use of the service to various functionalities and extra services. Find out more about deploying functionalities:

Extending the use of the Client Data Archive for Social Welfare Services

In the client data archive for social welfare services, it is a matter of extending the use when the organisation starts to enter documents of a new document group in addition to existing archiving.

The client data archive for social welfare services contains the following document groups:

  • old documents
  • phase 1 documents
  • phase 2 documents.

Further instructions on the extension of use are available on the page deployment of the client data archive social welfare services.

Extension of use of the Prescription service

When a service provider has deployed the Prescription service, the use of the service can be extended to the following functionalities:

Use is expanded when systems are developed

A healthcare or social welfare service provider or pharmacy can expand the use of the Kanta Services as and when new data contents and functionalities become available for deployment in the systems. The system supplier will provide up-to-date information about the development of the functionality with respect to each information system.

The publication schedule for the Kanta Services provides further information about the development schedules.

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Last updated 27.12.2023