Acting behalf of someone

Acting behalf of someone

Questions and answers about acting on behalf of an adult and child in the Kanta Services.

When you have a doctor’s appointment, the doctor will give you a patient instruction sheet, which is a paper printout listing the medicines issued for you by the doctor. Someone else can collect your medicines from the pharmacy on your behalf when they can show your patient instruction sheet or your Kela card at the pharmacy. When using a Kela card alone, the person must know exactly which medicines they are collecting. 

You can also grant the person picking up the medicine an electronic pharmacy authorisation in the online service. When acting under an authorisation, the person must know the personal ID number of the party who granted the authorisation.

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It is not possible to collect medicines with an e-prescription on behalf of someone else at an overseas pharmacy. The reason for this is technical as it is not possible to share the required information electronically between countries.

Currently you cannot view the data of another person in My Kanta Pages even if you are their guardian. Transactions of trustees on behalf of the principal in My Kanta Pages will be possible when the trusteeship information and the content of the decision to appoint a trustee are made available to the mandates.

If you have been authorised to manage the person’s health-related affairs, you must deal directly with the healthcare service or pharmacy in question, and they can give you a summary of the prescriptions.

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It will be possible for a carer to act on behalf of the person being cared for in My Kanta Pages, when acting on behalf of an adult and fully authorised person becomes available in the service. For transactions on behalf of someone else, a authorisation 'Managing matters related to healthcare' is required.  Many other healthcare service channels can also be accessed with the same authorisation.

Granting a mandate takes place in the online service and requires strong identification with e.g. online banking IDs or a mobile certificate.

Once you have been authorised by another person to act on their behalf, login to My Kanta Pages with your own IDs. Select the 'Toisen puolesta asiointi' link and then the person for whom you want to carry out a transaction.

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Parents or guardians are able to view data concerning children under 10 years of age in My Kanta Pages. Acting on behalf of children over 10 in My Kanta Pages will be deployed in phases as from 1 October 2020.

You can access the child’s data by logging in to My Kanta Pages with your own username and password and by selecting the Child’s data link on the top of the page.

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In My Kanta Pages, a minor can

  • view prescriptions and medical records that have been entered in the Kanta Services as from 1 August 2016
  • request a repeat prescription.

In order to log in to My Kanta Pages, a minor needs their own means of identification. 

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Acting on behalf of a child over the age of 10 in My Kanta Pages will be deployed in phases as from 1 October 2020. It will be possible for a parent to view the records of a child over 10 in My Kanta Pages, once the necessary changes have been made to the patient data system of the healthcare organisation that provided their care. The modification work is progressing in line with the healthcare organisations' decisions.

If you cannot see the data of your child over 10 years of age, the reason may be one of the following:

  • the child has been assessed to be capable of making their own decisions and they have requested to conceal their data from the parent or guardian
  • a capability assessment has not been entered in the records because it is not yet possible in the patient data system of the healthcare organisation in question.

Old records will not be visible to the guardian even after the changes. 'Old records' refers to data entered in Kanta Services after the minor has reached the age of 10, but the entries were made before the change in the patient data system regarding acting on behalf of someone else.

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A parent or guardian cannot collect medicines for their minor child with an e-prescription at an overseas pharmacy because a person under 18 cannot give their consent in My Kanta Pages. This is not yet possible because acting on behalf of a minor has not been defined at the international level.

If a minor urgently needs medicines while abroad, the local healthcare services must be contacted.