My Kanta Pages - general

My Kanta Pages - general

Questions and answers about logging in to My Kanta Pages, viewing of data and the functioning of the service.

Logging into My Kanta Pages takes place on the website. On a computer, the green Log Into My Kanta Pages button is located at the top right of the screen. On mobile devices, the same button can also be found in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Authentication to My Kanta Pages takes place with banking codes, a mobile certificate, electronic identity card (HST card) or  a social and health care professional card or organisation card issued by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (previously the Population Register Centre).

If the problem occurs during the logging-in stage, the fault may be in the service or in the log-in IDs you are using. The authentication service for My Kanta Pages is provided by authentication. Please check that you have also selected the correct authentication method, for example, the correct bank. 

There may be a maintenance interruption in My Kanta Pages, during which the service is unavailable. Please retry the authentication in a moment.

If you have online banking codes but are still unable to identify yourself in various public administration e-services, it is possible that you don’t have the required extra e-identifier added to the online banking code. In this case, please contact your own bank.

To sign out of the service, click the Logout link on the upper right-hand corner of My Kanta Pages. Always end the session by logging out of the service.

Also clear the cache and page history, and close all browser windows.

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Special care should be taken if you access My Kanta Pages on a shared computer.

  1. Always close the session by clicking the Logout link.
  2. Clear the cache and page history before you close the browser or finish using the computer.
  3. Close all browser windows.

In My Kanta Pages you can see

  • your prescriptions
  • entries related to your care
  • your laboratory tests and X-ray examinations
  • data of your dependants under 10 years of age
  • the healthcare units or pharmacies that have processed your prescription data or medical records via the Kanta Services.
  • records of your dependents over the age of 10, which will be displayed in stages from 10/2020
  • to a limited extent, the records of another adult, when you have been granted a authorisation to act on behalf of another adult.
  • your consents to data sharing and refusals
  • your organ donation testament and living will

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Your prescription data is shown in My Kanta Pages after you have been issued with a prescription.

Your medical records are shown in My Kanta Pages after the person attending to your care has entered them in the Patient Data Repository.

Your data will be displayed in the service for as long as required according to the statutory retention period.

If your data is not shown, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • the healthcare unit you attended has not joined the Kanta Services yet
  • the healthcare unit you attended does not enter all data recorded in the patient data system in the Patient Data Repository for the time being
  • the organisation has specifically set a delay in the archiving of examination results in the patient data system 
  • an entry made by a healthcare professional has not been completed yet
  • you have not visited the healthcare unit after the unit has joined the Patient Data Repository.

Patients do not have a legal right to refuse the recording of their data in the Patient Data Repository or showing it in My Kanta Pages. When a healthcare service provider has deployed the Patient Data Repository, it is obliged to enter the patient data in the Patient Data Repository. The data will be shown in My Kanta Pages after the healthcare service has entered it in the Patient Data Repository.

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It is not possible to view the data of both persons when using joint banking codes, only that of the person whose personal identity code has been linked to the banking codes. The other person must get their own codes.

My Kanta Pages shows the information recorded in the Patient Data Repository by the healthcare services. If you find errors or missing details in your medical records shown in My Kanta Pages, please contact the healthcare unit or pharmacy that entered the data.

The health service is responsible for entering patient records and correcting them. Each healthcare unit has its own procedure for correcting erroneous information, described on each unit's website. The unit’s data protection officer or patient ombudsman may also be able to advise you.


The language to be used in My Kanta Pages can be changed, but it only applies to data pertaining to the service itself, such as headings.  

The details of prescriptions and patient documentation are always shown in the language in which they were written at the healthcare unit.

There may be a maintenance break in My Kanta Pages.

Also check that your data communication connection is working, e.g. by trying to access other internet services. Kela is not responsible for the availability, performance or functioning of data communication connections or for their impact on the service. 

Further information

The recommended browsers for using My Kanta Pages include e.g. Chrome and Firefox.

Please note that My Kanta Pages no longer works on the Internet Explorer 11 browser, as it does not provide sufficient support for Kela systems. 

If your feedback concerns your patient data or the contents of a prescription, please contact the healthcare unit you attended.

Questions related to My Kanta Pages and feedback on the service can be sent on the Give Feedback and Ask form.

Feedback can also be sent directly to the Kanta customer service.  In technical problems, you can contact the Kanta technical support.

Call charges to Kela’s customer service:

  • when calling from a landline, the standard local network rate
  • when calling from a mobile, the mobile rate
  • when calling from abroad, the applicable international call charges.

The charges are determined according to the price list of the caller’s operator. Kela meets the extra cost of calling numbers beginning with 020.

My Kanta Pages is a free service for citizens.

Means of authentication may be subject to a fee, and their pricing is the responsibility of the certification authorities, i.e. the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (formerly the Population Register Centre) as well as banks. The prices of electronic ID cards are the responsibility of the police.

Last updated 29.01.2021