Test MyKanta

Test MyKanta

A test service for MyKanta is available in the client test environment and the production image environment. MyKanta is part of the client and joint testing of the Kanta Services, and the data required in its use can be reported on the joining application of the client test service.

Patient and wellbeing data created by other information systems is shown to the citizen in MyKanta of the Kanta Services, and this data must be visible to the citizen in an appropriate way. The client test environment of MyKanta is opened mainly for client and joint testing use. In joint testing, MyKanta is used in support of performing test cases.

Information for the use of the test environment in MyKanta is provided on the joining application for the client test service.

The contents of the service complies with the versions of the Patient Data Repository, Prescription and Client data archive for social welfare services in the test environment. Therefore, it must be taken into account in testing that the test environment includes more data contents than the citizens still have at their disposal in the production environment. Some of the tested functionalities are still in their development stage. In MyKanta test service, data is retrieved directly with the test patient’s personal identity code without the requirement of strong authentication.

The documents in MyKanta show how the data recorded in the client test will be displayed in MyKanta.

(Only available in Finnish.)

The client test environment of MyKanta is also used in the internal testing of the Kanta Services and in testing carried out by the client (THL). MyKanta is not yet in use in the archive of imaging data.

Last updated 13.10.2023