COVID-19 vaccination certificates

COVID-19 vaccination certificates

This page contains information about the COVID-19 vaccination certificate for system developers. The specifications related to the processing of COVID-19 vaccination certificates for patient data systems and instructions for verifying the information of the national vaccination certificate are available on the subpages.

Kela implements the COVID-19 vaccination certificates in two phases.

In the first phase, it is possible to apply for

  • a national COVID-19 vaccination certificate.

In the second phase, it is possible to apply for the following in compliance with the EU’s specifications.

  • a COVID-19 vaccination certificate,
  • a certificate of a negative result of the latest COVID-19 test, and
  • a certificate of recovery from COVID-19. 

Specifications of COVID-19 vaccination certificates

The specification documents describe the changes related to the first and second phases of the COVID-19 vaccination certificate. The specification documents are available on the following subpage:

Verification of data in the EU COVID-19 certificate

Links to the verification process of the EU COVID-19 certificate and the specifications for reading the data are available on the sub-page:

The vaccination certificate complying with the EU specifications replaced the national COVID-19 vaccination certificate on 22 June 2021.

Verification of the national vaccination certificate

Specifications for the extraction of data in the national COVID-19 vaccination certificate and the necessary signature certificates and test files are found on the subpage:

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