Corona information to healthcare and social welfare services

Corona information to healthcare and social welfare services

The coronavirus epidemic will have an impact on the development of Kanta in 2021.

Recommendation to the employees and employers of healthcare and social welfare services in the coronavirus situation

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the Ministry of Education and Culture issued a recommendation to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus and to protect professionals and persons at risk.

Guidelines for suspected corona infections

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare has issued guidelines for suspected cases of coronavirus infection.   

Prevention of coronavirus infections

In home care

In long-term care units

The instructions can be applied in social welfare units offering long-term care and assistance, for example, for elderly and disabled patients.

In oral healthcare

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health issued practical instructions to oral healthcare providers on how to prepare for the coronavirus outbreak in their clinic activities.

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health gives instructions to municipalities on home care services during the coronavirus outbreak

The instructions must be followed especially in the case of home care services for people over 70 years of age, those with disabilities or long-term illnesses and other risk groups. They also apply to home care services for children and young people at risk, where appropriate.

Freedom of movement in social welfare units may be restricted if necessary

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has issued instructions to social welfare units on how the Communicable Diseases Act and the Emergency Powers Act impact freedom of movement. Social welfare units comprise assisted homes for the elderly, housing units for persons with disabilities and substitute care in child welfare.

Laboratory tests

The COVID-19 sample is taken on the basis of a doctor’s referral, in consultation with a specialist in infectious diseases, if necessary. Several towns are using a specific laboratory test to determine the novel coronavirus in suspected cases.

Recording in the patient record

Healthcare services have been issued with instructions on recording a suspected or confirmed coronavirus infection in the patient records. There are now also instructions for recording the diagnosis data of persons exposed to the virus. 

Official forms related to quarantine and isolation

Impact of the coronavirus on time limits of the care guarantee 

The Government issued a decree on the care guarantee in municipalities. Based on the decree, a municipality may waive the time limits set in the Health Care Act when arranging non-urgent care due to the coronavirus out-break. 

Temporary derogations from key employment laws in the healthcare and social welfare sector

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has issued instructions ( on which persons employed in the healthcare and social welfare sector may be subject to temporary derogations from the provisions of the Annual Holidays Act, the Working Hours Act and the Employment Contracts Act. The Decree is in force until 13 May 2020.

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Last updated 02.03.2021