Coronavirus information for healthcare and social welfare services

Coronavirus information for healthcare and social welfare services

The coronavirus epidemic will have an impact on the development of Kanta in 2021.

This page contains information about the COVID-19 vaccination and the COVID-19 vaccination certificate for healthcare and social welfare professionals.

What to do if a client cannot see data on vaccination or COVID-19 test result, and the COVID-19 certificate is not shown in My Kanta Pages

EU Digital COVID Certificate

The EU certificate consists of three different certificates:

  • a COVID-19 vaccination certificate 
  • a test certificate,
  • a certificate of recovery from COVID-19.

The EU vaccination certificate have been available in My Kanta Pages as from 22 June.  Currently, the EU certificate of recovery is not displayed in My Kanta Pages for some of those who have recovered from COVID-19. There will be a technical update to the Kanta Services at the beginning of week 29, as a result of which some of the missing certificates of recovery will become available from different patient data systems.

Further information about the EU Digital COVID-19 certificate and its use:

The EU Digital COVID Certificate is based on data saved in Kanta

Before all of the EU COVID certificates can be deployed, the vaccination data and test results entered in the healthcare service must be saved in Kanta in accordance with the national specifications and the registering instructions of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

COVID-19 vaccinations

Particular attention must be paid to the recording of vaccinations now that the population is being vaccinated against COVID-19. To be able to deploy the digital COVID-19 vaccination certificate, it must be ensured that the vaccination data is entered in a uniform way in Kanta in the healthcare service:

During the spring, system suppliers have made corrections to the vaccination data that has not been presented in sufficiently structured format. Currently, it is already possible to create a COVID-19 vaccination certificate for more than 90 per cent of those who have received the vaccination. From some areas, the data arrives in My Kanta Pages with some delay also during the summer, and therefore there are some people who cannot yet access their vaccination certificates. In future, the certificate will be available to view in My Kanta Pages within five days of the vaccination at the latest. Further information:

COVID-19 tests

The EU test certificate will be available in My Kanta Pages after the result of the COVID-19 PCR or antigen sample has been entered in Kanta in accordance with the THL’s instructions. The instructions will be published on the THL website as soon as possible.

The negative test results corresponding to the data contents required by the EU will be valid for 72 hours after the latest negative PCR sample result and 48 hours after an antigen sample result if the member country accepts the validity periods in accordance with the recommendations.

The certificate of recovery with EU data contents is valid for 180 days after a positive PCR sample result. The certificate cannot be created from an antigen test result.

The healthcare organisations must ensure creation of documents and timely archiving in Kanta in cooperation with the system supplier. There must not be any delays in archiving in Kanta. Healthcare organisations that are aware of archiving delays must notify the clients in their area and provide instructions on obtaining an up-to-date test certificate.

What to do if a client cannot see vaccination data or the COVID-19 certificate in My Kanta Pages

  1. Ensure that the client is searching information in the correct place in My Kanta Pages and provide instructions accordingly.
    1. The data of the COVID-19 certificate is shown in the person’s own data. Please make sure that the person has logged in to their own data.
    2. The data of the COVID-19 certificate must be found in the Vaccinations section presented according to the vaccination protection in order to be able to produce the certificate.
      The data of a COVID-19 test result must be found in the Laboratory Tests section.
    3. The certificate is found in the COVID-19 Certificate section.
    4. If a parent or guardian has logged in to their own data and is attempting to view the data of their child, the data is shown in a different way. In many cases, the parent or guardian is not yet able to view the data of their child over 10 years of age.
  2. Tell the client when the information can be viewed in My Kanta Pages, also taking into account the archiving practice of your own organisation.
    1. Find out the situation in your own organisation with regard to the archiving and retrospective corrections of vaccination data or test results.
  3. If the certificate or data cannot be seen, the matter shall first be investigated within the organisation.  
    1. Make sure that all data has been entered in accordance with the instructions.
    2. Check whether the data has been entered in the Patient Data Repository and, if necessary, request help form the archivist who can check the situation using the Archivist’s User Interface.
  4. If the organisation cannot find a reason why the data cannot be viewed by the patient in My Kanta Pages, the system supplier shall help in investigating the matter and, if necessary, issue a fault report to the Kanta Services.

The patient must not be advised to contact the Kanta Services.

Vaccination certificates issued by the healthcare service

If the client is not using My Kanta Pages or if it is not technically possible to issue a certificate, the client shall be given a COVID-19 certificate from the healthcare service on request. This may happen, for example, to a minor or to a person who does not have a Finnish personal identity code. If a healthcare unit cannot yet provide a paper copy of the EU Digital COVID Certificate, the person can be given another certificate that contains the same information.  Alternatives to the COVID-19 certificate from My Kanta Pages are:

  • COVID-19 vaccination certificate (template)
  • the organisation’s own document
  • printing out the vaccination view/data from the patient data system
  • client’s own vaccination card
  • WHO’s yellow card.

Option for a healthcare professional to print out the EU Digital COVID Certificate

In the healthcare service, the EU Digital COVID certificate is printed from the patient data system, which retrieves the data from the Kanta Service. The certificate can be printed for customers who are unable to obtain the certificate from My Kanta Pages. It is important that the healthcare units ensure that the interface between the patient data system and the Kanta Service is capable of retrieving a printable EU Digital COVID Certificate and that the certificate can be printed out from the patient data system used.

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare is preparing for the healthcare service a separate and temporary national printing and recording service for the purpose of printing the certificate for clients, if necessary, if the patient data system does not yet support retrieval of the certificate via the Kanta Services interface. The service will be provided for temporary use – the EU regulation on the COVID certificate is expected to be valid between 7/2021 and 6/2022 According to the schedule of the EU regulation, the printing option should be ready by 12 August 2021.

The deployment schedule varies between organisations. As a rule, the users of the national printing and registering service are only public service operators that have already joined Kanta. The service is offered free of charge to public operators or to private operators who produce social welfare and healthcare services in public service operations on behalf of a public operator. The possibility of private service providers to obtain the right to use the national printing and recording service is currently investigated.

The national printing and recording service will be deployed in July. Before that, healthcare operators can use a template for granting a vaccination certificate. This template is available from the THL material bank. A certificate created with the template is not an EU Digital COVID Certificate.

THL’s instructions for social welfare and healthcare professionals

THL has compiled instructions for social welfare and healthcare professionals. The page includes instructions concerning, e.g. measures related to the treatment and prevention of a coronavirus infection and instructions for keeping patient records:

Further information

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