Coronavirus information for healthcare and social welfare services

Coronavirus information for healthcare and social welfare services

The EU Digital COVID Certificate Regulation expires on 30 June 2023. In future, the Digital COVID-19 Certificate will no longer be applicable across the EU Member States. You can still get a coronavirus certificate from MyKanta if you need one.

As a rule, the COVID-19 certificate is not required when travelling at the moment. However, the certificate may be required for some destinations. It is the responsibility of the traveller to find out what kind of COVID 19 -related requirements and restrictions there are in place in the destination country. Finland does not require COVID-19 certificates.

Printing COVID-19 certificates in healthcare

The national printing and registering service will be subject to a fee for both public and private healthcare as of 1 July 2023. Citizens will continue to be able obtain COVID-19 certificates from MyKanta or their healthcare provider.

Service providers that do not have the structured recording platform required for vaccines or printing capability in their information systems can start using the national printing and registering service at their own expense by acquiring the service from the relevant information system provider. Read THL's guidelines for more detailed instructions (, in Finnish).

Find out from your organisation about the current login practices if your organisation has used the national printing and registering service.

What to do if a client cannot see vaccination data or the COVID-19 certificate in MyKanta

  1. Ensure that the client is searching information in the correct place in MyKanta and provide instructions accordingly.
    • The data of the COVID-19 certificate is shown in the person’s own data. Please make sure that the person has logged in to their own data.
    • The data of the COVID-19 certificate must be found in the Vaccinations section presented according to the vaccination protection in order to be able to produce the certificate. The data of a COVID-19 test result must be found in the Laboratory Tests section.
    • The certificate is found in the COVID-19 Certificate section.
    • If a parent or guardian has logged in to their own data and is attempting to view the data of their child, the data is shown in a different way. In many cases, the parent or guardian is not yet able to view the data of their child over 10 years of age.
  2. Tell the client when the information can be viewed in MyKanta, also taking into account the archiving practice of your own organisation.
    • Find out the situation in your own organisation with regard to the archiving and retrospective corrections of vaccination data or test results.
  3. If the certificate or data cannot be seen, the matter shall first be investigated within the organisation.  
    • Make sure that all data has been entered in accordance with the instructions.
    • Check whether the data has been entered in the Patient Data Repository and, if necessary, request help form the archivist who can check the situation using the Archivist’s User Interface.
  4. If the organisation cannot find a reason why the data cannot be viewed by the patient in MyKanta, the system supplier shall help in investigating the matter and, if necessary, issue a fault report to the Kanta Services.

The patient must not be advised to contact the Kanta Services.

COVID-19 vaccinations

In order for the  COVID certificates to be produced, it is essential also in future that the vaccination data and test results recorded in the healthcare service are saved in Kanta in accordance with the national specifications and the documentation instructions of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). THL's instructions for recording COVID-19 vaccinations changed in autumn 2023.

COVID-19 tests

The test certificate will be available in MyKanta after the result of the COVID-19 PCR or antigen sample has been entered in Kanta in accordance with the THL’s instructions.

Last updated 10.6.2024