About the services

About the services

The Kanta Services provide digital services for healthcare and social welfare. We ensure the security, reliability and accessibility of our services.

Data protection

The Kanta Services ensure the data security and data protection of their services. Privacy policies have been provided for the services for which Kela acts as the controller.

The privacy policy indicates who is responsible for the processing of personal data for the data file in question, what personal data is included in the register, what it is used for and where the data is regularly disclosed, as well as the principles of data protection.

The privacy policy also contains information on the rights of the data subject regarding the data contained in the data file and how they can exercise their rights.


The Cookies page provides information about the cookies used on the kanta.fi website and allows you to change your cookie settings.


In the Accessibility statements, we specify how accessible our online services are, what shortcomings there are in their accessibility and what we are doing to improve accessibility.

Last updated 22.3.2023

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