Consents and refusals

Consents and refusals

Questions and answers about concents and refusals.

You can manage the refusals to share your health data in the Consents and Refusals section of My Kanta Pages.

If you are not using My Kanta Pages, you can give your refusal at a healthcare service provider who has already joined the Patient Data Repository.

You can withdraw your refusal at any time in My Kanta Pages or in the healthcare service.

You can refuse to have your prescriptions shown at pharmacies and in the healthcare service in My Kanta Pages under the Consents and Refusals section. Despite the refusal, the person who has issued the prescription will be able to see the information on the prescription. 

If you have refused to have your prescription shown, you will need the patient instruction sheet or summary of the medicine in question when visiting the pharmacy. The pharmacy cannot dispense your medicine without the patient instruction sheet or summary.

Records entered into the Patient Data Repository cannot be deleted, unless it is a case of the data being incorrect. 

However, in some cases it is possible for the health service to delay showing certain patient information to patients themselves in My Kanta Pages, at the patient's request. Nevertheless, the delayed information is entered into the Patient Data Repository and is available from there for health service providers to see, if the patient has given their consent and not refused to disclose the information. Imposing the delay prevents the data being shown in My Kanta Pages. 

Last updated 09.08.2021