Deployment of the archiving of old patient data

Deployment of the archiving of old patient data

Archiving of old patient data is a service pertaining to and maintained by Kela’s Kanta Services. Old patient data means data that has been recorded in the healthcare data systems before the deployment of the Patient Data Repository.

Old patient data is delivered to Kela, which takes care of saving the material in the Patient Data Repository.

In the deployment of the service, the healthcare organisation deploys the service of archiving of old patient data. The deployment requires that the organisation has joined the Patient Data Repository. The deployment of the service includes delivery of administrative documents and the production, testing and delivery of material that complies with the definitions.

After successful recording, old patient data may be removed from the source system and stored in electronic format in the Patient Data Repository.

More detailed instructions on the deployment of old patient data are available in Finnish and Swedish.

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Last updated 17.11.2023